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Elete 5.0 Bio Survey

Elete 5.0 Bio Survey

From The Owner of Holistic Alternatives

The Elite 5.0 is a computerized system that conducts a BioSurvey of your body which allows me to evaluate the stress of each of your body systems, identify the underlying cause of stress in each of these systems, and pinpoint the exact remedies which will assist in bringing your body back into balance. This technology does not diagnose or treat. It is a tool designed to assist in developing an effective, personalized program for your optimum health.
With the use of the Elite 5.0, I am able to determine:
Elite 5.0 Bio Survey Holistic Alternatives Stuart Florida

� Your extended health history

� Nutritional imbalances

� Most effective supplements, herbals and homeopathic remedies

� Effects of toxicity from heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, parasites, bacteria, virus, fungal infections, food sensitivities & much more
bio survey holistic alternatives stuart florida
The Elite 5.0 is designed to discover and address the root causes of your emotional and/or physical challenges.

Holistic Alternatives offers Ion Cleanse Detoxification Footbaths

We are living in the most polluted environment in Earth’s known history. We are continually inhaling and assimilating residues from petrochemicals, plastics, pesticides and herbicides. Detoxifying the body is a necessity. The Ion Cleanse detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocol with little or no stress to the body. It is a comfortable and relaxing way to rid your body of toxins without precipitating healing crisis. The IonCleanse® is a high quality, reliable, FCC compliant, safety tested, and internationally certified product.

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