Complaints of Front Load Washers – Mold and Soap Residue

BY Rebecca White-Martin, a Your Health & Wellness Magazine Contributor

front load clothes washers mold and soap residueFront load washers have been all the rage with many consumers because they are touted as being more energy and water efficient than top loaders because they save time and money by cutting down on electricity and water use.

But now, thousands of consumers are complaining online and to the makers of the machines.
Some have filed lawsuits against multiple manufacturers over what some say is mold growing inside of their front load washing machines.

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Others complain that soap residue is left in clothes as a result of the small quantity of water used in the rinse cycle and in some clothes washers the last rinse cycle is the next wash’s wash cycle water.

“It doesn’t have the rinsing aspect of a top loader, and the dirty water stays in the unit after the wash cycle is over. You close the door and it stays hot and moist and then bacteria and mold and other organisms start to grow inside of the machines…” said Stuart Eppsteiner, attorney for Tammy Fox-Isicoff, in an NBC Miami interview.

Possible Front Load Clothes Washer Remedies
To remove excess soap from your clothes – send the clothes through a wash cycle without soap. This should help remove most soap residue that was left in the clothes from the previous soap wash.

To help remove mold and mildew from the washer – you might want to run a heavy bleach or mold reducing liquid by itself through a wash cycle once a month. Needless to say that if you live in a humid climate the mold problem in your washer may need to be washed out more often.

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