WheatGrass Coach-Tutor, Learn How To Grow, Harvest, Juice and Drink

Wheatgrass Juice Health BenefitsOrganic WheatGrass Growing Products and Installation-Growing Specialist, Consultant and Tutor-Coach.

SAVE MONEY and TIME – grow, harvest, juice and drink your own fresh organic wheatgrass.

Serving Martin County, Jupiter and now the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast of FL

Tutoring and Coaching for proper efficient wheat grass growth!

Installation of growing supplies for the first time do it yourselfers (your first time growing and juicing your own wheat grass).

I’ll come to you and I will set up and tutor you through your first wheat grass planting.
My home visit includes all growing materials and tools needed;
-5 Wheat grass Growing Trays
-5 LBS Organic Wheatgrass Seed
-Organic Soil
-Azomite(A to Z mineral)
-Wheatgrass Book
-Instructions and support
-Planting and Harvesting Tools
-Seed Soaker
-Harvest Wheatgrass Storage Container

Wheatgrass JuicersWe also carry wheatgrass juicers. Please ask so we may recommend the best wheatgrass juicer to meet your your specific juicing needs and requirements.

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WheatGrass – Nature’s Finest Organic Medicine