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Where’s The Energy ?

BY Raven Caracci

I see some people around me dragging through the day. I talk to people around me and I can see them drawing a blank when asked the simplest of questions. Are you sluggish, lethargic or maybe just out right drowsy? Do you sometimes wonder what the subject of the conversation is about or even what day it is? Do you try to exercise and just can’t find the energy or motivation?

Wake Up! Stay Up! Our bodies are not supposed to function on half drained batteries. So what do we do when our minds run off and our bodies feel like they just ran a 10k marathon? We take a look at WHY we feel that way.
Adrenal fatigue may be the cause of your disability to keep up. This can be caused by being overly stressed and anxiety prone. There can be symptoms of sleeplessness, abnormal weight gain, mental fogginess, low libido, and high blood pressure. There are many other symptoms as well. The reason why the adrenal glands need support is because of the constant stress that it deals with during the day. A few natural alternatives to support the adrenal glands can be used.

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Healthy Holistic Energy For The Long Haul

• Rhodiola
This amazing herb works to give energy and refocus the brain. It helps support the adrenal glands by normalizing the cortisol levels in the body which reduces stress and promotes mental, physical, and emotional health. This herb can also regulate sleeping patterns for those with a hard time falling and staying asleep.

• Schizandra Berry
Schizandra berry is a medicinal berry with five different flavors in one. These flavors consist of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. This is an adaptogen that resists stress while increasing energy levels. Adaptogens are natural substances that support stress responses through the adrenal glands. By influencing natural blood pressure levels, Schizandra allows the body to build stamina against chronic stress. This herb has been traditionally used in China as a tea. I consider this being one of the safest and most effective ways of ingesting this herb and many others.

• Ashwaghanda
The exact translation is “the smell and strength of a horse”, referring to its aphrodisiac functions as an adaptogen. Not only is it an anti-inflammatory but also helps support sleeping patterns. This herb is a tonifier, meaning it helps conserve energy and tonify the immune and endocrine systems.

• Holy Basil
This herb is my absolute favorite. It is known also as tusli meaning the incomparable herb. This herb is incredibly supportive for not only the adrenal glands, but for longevity, blood pressure, and mental enlightenment. It is said that five leaves a day of this amazing herb will completely heal the body spiritually and physically. Picking the leaf right off the plant is (in my opinion) the most favorable way, but herbal tinctures are very powerful as well.

• Reishi
This is not a typical herb people turn to. Particularly because it is a mushroom! Mushrooms tend to be misunderstood and lose significance in the alternative healing world. On the contraire, mushrooms, especially Reishi, have a multitude of healing properties. In this instance, Reishi makes a great adaptogen. It works to reduce stress while helping the body adapt to stress. I highly recommend this mushroom in tincture form.

Many times, being fatigued is a sign of lack of nutrients. In 2012, it was recorded that the average American consumed 2000 pounds of food a year. The resources are not lacking, but the nutrients are. So we can assume that if people were to take a look at their meal routines, they may reflect on bad eating habits. In the morning, it is very important to begin with the right fuel, to keep you energized throughout the daytime. A good source of protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates are the correct way to start the day. This keeps the body generating energy until early noon. Another source of protein, good vegetables, and a small amount of grains keeps that energy flowing when the time comes for lunch. Stay away from gluten and dairy in order to keep a clear mind and not fall prey to afternoon drowsiness. And of course dinner should be simple, consisting of many greens and little protein and carbohydrates. That way the body can finish digesting early in the night instead of lasting after you wake up the next day.

Raven Caracci - Holistic Health Author

Raven Caracci – Your Health & Wellness Magazine Contributor

About the author; Raven Caracci has been involved in the health industry promoting the use of alternative, organic and holistic health for years. She has advised hundreds of people on the use of herbal remedies as alternatives to conventional medicine. Her goal and passion is to help others live a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

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