How To Stay Up During Down Times

BY Arlene Alpert
The guidelines that follow, I believe, are universal. Yet so many times we say we don’t have the time to pursue and practice them. We might make excuses (some legitimate, others made in an effort to not “hurt” other people) for not living from an inner place of caring. I sincerely believe when we live from natural principles, we find we have the time (and the energy) to take care of ourselves and give to others.

Life Guidelines For Heart & Spirit

Live In The Present: Living in the past or future causes worry, fear and guilt. Pay attention to what is happening in the moment to rationally assess what you have control over and what you don’t. Take all the precautions possible; make decisions with as much information as possible, and then let the fear and worry go.
Know Whose Problem It Is: It is best to make every problem your problem. This way you don’t have to hold anyone else accountable or responsible for your life. This way there is no blame, no attack, no conflict, no problem.
mind body spiritUnderstand People To Have Harmonious Relationships: Relationships keep us human. Connect with people from heart and spirit to create security and cooperativeness. We are all the same (human) and we are all different (what we believe, our personalities and more).
Communicate Effectively: Be assertive: Say what you mean (and mean what you say). Use “I” statements. State your emotions, not your opinion. A clue: When you say: “I feel THAT you” — you are judging — people become defensive.
Feel Good About Yourself Inside And Out: Your inside is always reflected on the outside. Take time to nurture and nourish your self-esteem. As the good fairy said to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “Believe in yourself.”
Take Care Of Yourself: We were told that to consider ourselves first is selfish. Yet if we need care how can we truly and sincerely help others. Living from heart and spirit means starting with self.
Release Resentment: Resentment is a dangerous emotion for which there is no physical outlet. Resentment is a “Victim” emotion. You can become physically and psychologically ill storing resentment. You may see others as the cause, however, it is your body, mind and spirit that will hurt.
Listen To Your Intuition: To live from heart and spirit means trusting your intuition. You don’t have to give up your logical self. Just start from heart and spirit.
Work And Play From Heart And Spirit: When you are working you serve other people. Do it with joy. Other people can see it on your face, in your eyes and exuding from your entire being.
Smile, Laugh, Be Silly: Smiling, laughing and being silly serves so many purposes. It reduces stress. It makes people want to be with you. And… when it comes from the heart and spirit — you feel GREAT!
Continue To Grow: There is a saying: “When you’re green you grow; when you’re ripe you rot.” Living from heart and spirit means re-discovering life anew. Observing ourselves from a child’s point of view can keep us young, invigorated and enthusiastic.
No Matter How Tough It Gets – Never Give Up!: Sometimes, it seems that no matter what you do, nothing works. However, what if you give up just seconds before you would have gotten what you needed? Think about that, the next time you are tempted to quit!

About the author; Arlene Alpert, MS, LMHC is a Licensed Psychotherapist and a Specialist in Communication and Relationships. Her private practice spans over 35 years. Arlene’s Mission is working with couples and individuals who are passionate about making their lives (and relationships) rich, fulfilling and rewarding. Ask her about her new service: TELL-TALK™ — you can have a session wherever you are!
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