Avoid Potential Fitness Time Wasters

BY Scott Walker

Putting a lot of time into your exercise routine without getting the results you want? Maybe you’ve been doing the wrong exercises. Some popular moves won’t give you the benefits you expect, while others actually increase your risk of injury. Read on to learn about the eight moves and gym machines you should skip – along with replacements that will get you fitter faster.
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It’s tough enough to fit exercise into your busy schedule – why waste time at the gym once you get there? While some exercises and gym machines give you good returns on your investment of time and energy, others just aren’t worth the trouble.

To maximize your fitness routine, you’ll need to get rid of moves that don’t provide the benefits you want – whether it’s calorie-burning, strengthening or toning – and replace them with ones that do.

“As a general rule, exercises that promise to burn excess fat in a particular part of the body usually don’t work,” says exercise physiologist Alice Burron, a spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

“Women like the idea of targeting a specific area, but you can’t spot reduce. Besides, just focusing on one area can create muscle imbalances that put you at risk for injury,” Burron says.

So before you lift that weight or pull that cable, find out about the moves and gym machines that are a waste of your time (some may surprise you) – and learn what you should do instead from your local gym instructor or personal trainer.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker, Jr. – Liquid Nutrition Representative

About the author, Scott Walker, Jr. is a Virginia native and is now semi-retired living in Stuart Florida. Scott is the local Life-Force Liquid Nutrition Representative. Scott bicycles, swims and walks every day to help maintain his 22.3 body mass index ( BMI ). Your body mass index can be measured by multiplying 702 x your weight in pounds divided by your height in inches squared. Please feel free to contact Scott with your liquid nutrition questions at email ScottWalkerJR@aol.com or phone 757-678-3970.

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