The Comfort of Recovering at Home for Seniors

BY Lee Borellis

Seniors may be able to recover from pneumonia in the comfort of their own home. Below are some guidelines to follow when recovering:

1.Rest as much as possible.

2.It is recommended to drink a lot of fluids which help in preventing dehydration. Some of the main symptoms of dehydration are dry mouth and eyes, producing very little urine, or feeling weak. Mild dehydration can be dealt with at home, while the more severe cases require medical help.

3.One of the main symptoms of pneumonia is heavy breathing and coughing. It may become hard to rest because of the coughing, but it’s prudent to remember coughing is a body`s natural way to fight off the infection. That is why it is important not to stop it unless it causes severe problems with breathing.

4.In order to prevent high fever, the doctor or nurse may recommend your senior taking acetaminophen or aspirin. Make sure your elderly loved one is safe taking medications and always read instructions before taking. When in doubt, call the doctor or check with the pharmacist.

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Home Health Care

After the pneumonia diagnosis, seniors must visit the doctor`s office on a regular basis for weekly checkups. This way, the doctor can determine whether the treatment is working and if not, they can change the medications accordingly. If your loved one experiences fever, shortness of breath, or his or her cough is getting worse, the doctor should be contacted immediately. Use precautions before giving any over the counter medications. Remember, always follow the directives of his or her doctor.

A home health care nurse can help your loved one recover from pneumonia in the comfort of his or her own home. Being able to be surrounded by her familiar environment and be closer to friends and relatives will be a positive factor in the recovery process.

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