Activated Charcoal Detox

Activated Charcoal Detox by LifeForce Sales and Consultant.
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Activated Charcoal Detox provides one of nature’s best and purest detoxifiers and has a wonderful cleansing effect that will benefit anyone who uses it.

More about Activated Charcoal Detox

Waste and toxins build up in your colon and if it is left there, the results can be more than just unpleasant, it can be deadly.

Your colon is one of the largest muscles in your body, and like our other muscles, your colon muscle should be exercised on a daily basis, or it becomes lazy and doesn’t work as it should. Thus, infrequent bowel movements. Not good!

It is important that you have a daily intake of fiber in order for your colon to stay firm and active everyday.

What happens with an inadequate supply of fiber?

The colon becomes inactive, and If the colon is inactive, it will grow weak, and will not function like it needs to.

When you have colon inactivity it causes the movement of waste or fecal matter not to be eliminated from the body as it should be on a daily basis.

When a colon becomes inactive, this causes waste material to build up along the colon wall. You have no absorption of water or electrolytes.

When the waste material reaches 98 degree’s, it begins to decay and become rotten. This causes toxins and poisons to be released into the blood stream and throughout the body. This is not good!

Activated Charcoal Detox by Life Force Product Sales and Consultant.
Scott cell phone direct line 757-678-3970

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