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Amino Charge by LifeForce – Sales and Consultant.
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Amino Charge is a delicious meal replacement drink which utilizes a special “protonic process” that make it easier for people to absorb protein. Includes AminoRegulator in dropper bottle.

More about Amino Charge

AminoCharge, with AminoRegulator…
is so unique and effective, we have a patent pending! AminoCharge is a proprietary blend of four highly valued protein sources and contains all 10 essential amino acids. When provided at the same meal, these essential 10 can build the other amino acids the body needs.

How Amino Acids Are Activated And Used By Your Body:

1) Amino acids are vital for building immunoglobulins, red blood cells, muscles, and enzymes; increasing metabolic rate; and, daily, creating over 100 billion new cells.

2) Amino acids are derived from protein we consume.

3) Before amino acids can be utilized, they must first be digested, absorbed, assimilated, and then finally activated for use at the cellular level.

Our patent-pending protonic technology has been proven in clinical studies to markedly improve protein utilization. AminoCharge’s exclusive protein formulation, of four premium protein sources, is powered by a breakthrough in “protein utilization technology” – which we’ve named the “protonic process.”

This special combination of “protonic ingredients’ enables AminoCharge to provide a pK that “charges” the various amino acids – thus the name. This results in more amino acids arriving at the cellular level in a form which is extremely bio-active.

AminoCharge Body Builders:

You can gain lean muscle mass for yourself or your clients!

AminoCharge™ is a protein shake that beats out any competitors’ high protein powders, which are undigestable.

It has pre-activated amino acids that make your muscle building process FASTER, and you get more ENERGY during and after your body building workout.

You will…

Become lean and defined

Have more energy for your workouts

Build lean muscle mass FAST

Just trying to lose weight?

Let me ask you…Do you know what burns fat the fastest?

Your muscles!

Your metabolism is fueled by your muscles.

Aminocharge builds muscle while you are losing weight, and at the same time the muscle burns fat, resulting in weight loss.

Amino Charge by Life Force Product Sales and Consultant.
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