The Self Abuser and Health – Health Level 1

The Self Abuser – Level One of the Healthy Living Steps

Self Abuser
Anorexia Nervosa

Over Eating

Repeated Negative Mental Decisions

Drug Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

External Physical Self Abuse

If you suffer or are in engaging any of the above mentioned situations please seek PROFESSIONAL HELP as soon as possible.

You may think family and friends can and to some degree they may help and support you, but most of the time it is some or most of your family and/or friends who are contributing to the unhealthy self abuse either by condoning or encouraging your negative behavior pattern. A professional can sort out the whys and the who in your life and help expedite your road to a healthier life.

Based on my many years of experience most self abusers’ symptoms will remain with them to one degree or another. The main change in a self abuser’s negative actions will come from PROPER help and usually in the form of how you react when your negative situations and perceived negative feelings arise. Just like the person who lost a leg can have a happy life with a job and family you too can have the same. The person’s missing leg will always be missing but the way he or she handles their situations will become easier and more focused on the potential positives instead of the negatives.

If you find yourself at this “self abuser” level in whole or in part please reach out for professional help and move up to a happier and healthier life for you, your family and friends.

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