Healthy Living Steps to Better Health!

Steps to Better HealthFind out what health level step you are at and then find out what health level you want to go to to improve your health life style. One is the least healthy and ten is the most healthy.

LEVEL 1) Self Abuser

LEVEL 2) Fast Food King or Queen Junkie

LEVEL 3) Frozen Dinners and Sodas Routine

If you fall into one or all of the first three categories ( 1) Self Abuser, 2) Fast Food King or Queen Junkie, 3) Frozen Dinners and Soda Routine ) you are most likely damaging your long term health. The appearance of signs of your damaged health showing depends on your original physical condition and starting point of your bad eating habits.

4) Grocery Store Shopper and Restaurants

5) Home Cooked Meals

Healthy Living Steps to Better Health

It’s Never To Late To Start, “Healthy Living Steps to Better Health”

6) Beginner Label Reader (looking for healthy labels on food)

7) Health Food Education (you start looking at health pamphlets and nutrition books)

8 ) Whole Foods and Natural Supplements

9) Introduction of Organic Produce

10) All Organic/Chemical-Free Diet

The Health Choice is Up To You?

The above information is opinion based except where noted. Always contact a licensed professional for information on the above subject or BEFORE applying or practicing the above information.
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