Frozen Dinners and Sodas Routine – Health Level 3

Frozen Dinners and Sodas Routine – Level Three of the Healthy Living Steps

frozen foods

Many frozen food meals lack proper meal nutrition requirements.

If you are consuming more than FIVE store purchased frozen dinners or frozen food meals a week and washing it all down with a soda chances are that you are harming your body.
This diet suggests that people are consuming processed foods. These foods can include polyunsaturated vegetable oils, canned fruits and vegetables, frozen dinners, smoked or processed meats, soda, chips and sugar-coated breakfast cereals to name a few.
soda acidic danger

Most sodas are very acidic.

A lot of these processed foods contain trans-fats, sodium – salt and high-fructose corn syrup, which promotes inflammation and over all accelerated degeneration of the cellular structure in your body.

frozen meals danger

Chemicals are used in the frozen food process.

Another big mistake with some people is that they think all frozen foods are precooked and only need to be warmed. Foods can be prepared to look precooked like chicken that is pre-browned or breaded.

Suggestions on how to reduce your consumption of frozen dinners, frozen meals and frozen foods

It’s not easy to break a habit but it can be done. In a nutshell, you want to limit your access to the foods that do damage, but still allow yourself the occasional treat. Soon, you’ll be amazed at how good – and how thin – you feel.

Out of sight out of mind. This goes beyond keeping the chips out of your house. Try and purchase and keep in the house vegetables and fruits that are either readily available or prepared to be readily available when you get hungry at home. You may bring your ready to eat vegetables and fruits to work for a snack in place of candy or chips or for lunch in place of that frozen food meal.

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